WHERE are “Blue Way Studies” Meetings held

THE G USHER [Modified from card 5 of the Dear Dragon pack]


Meetings are generally held in the evenings  to accommodate those who are only able to meet after a workday.  However, meetings can be held at other times during the day and at weekends subject to arrangements. There is a dedicated meeting place used for “lessons”, study, intake and “open meetings also off premises  open meetings as shown below OR on the Events page.

Evening meetings generally  start at approx. 7.30 pm to finish at 11 pm. with a tea break when questions can be addressed time permitting. On resumption any unanswered  questions can be answered and even used to promote the last segment of the meeting to its end.
The Importance of “Natural cycles” {viewed through the Taro, Astrology, numbers etc..]
WEDS.May 24th,2017, START 7.30 -11pm.

Simple practicals with demonstrations and participation as preferred  frequently  occur and is important.

An image depicting the Dragon fly and a connection shown in a [Developed] Human

Upcoming Meetings; The next “Meeting” will be a public “meeting” event as shown on the “Events” page.

OPEN MEETING,TONBRIDGE, TUES, 17th. SEPT. 2019..7.30-11pm.
The importance of an Harvest Moon on FRI 13th with Ancient Egypt/Astrology, Taro, Numerology etc.. FREE ENTRY.   

OPEN MEETINGS IN NOVEMBER are on THURS., 14, 21, 28th. 7.30- 11pm.

 Tonbridge, Kent.   


CARD 13, The REAPER .[From the “Frown Strong” pack]                                                                      

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